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Kick my Beat is a free music and audio collaborative platform, accessible via any connected device, with a goal to promote music creation. Freshly launched, the platform intends to become renowned for its unique content and features.

The plateform lets people discover and enjoy music from the most diverse creator community on earth. It intends to bring music fans closer to artists, especially new or emmerging ones. Artists can access to a library of instrumental musical and acappella performed by other users and reuse it to create sung musical works or remix. It offers not only access to exclusive digital content, but also the ability for people to participate in an unique experience through the competition. This is made possible by an open platform that allow artists to compete between them while people across the globe directly contribute to the ranking by liking their content.

Be a creator : upload your beats, your acapellas or your freestyles to Kick my beat. Choose to participate to a competition in order to let the community evaluate your performance. What better feedback on your tracks than others musicians and music fans ? Engage directly with your fans with comments and promote your work if you have some commercially released songs. It’s a place to share your stuff, to learn from each other and to improve your skills as a musician.

Be a listener : Find a new way to listen music. Follow creators on Kick my Beat that you are interested in and help them to grow their audience. Save your favorite tracks in your Likes or get surprised with competitions that will help you discover even more.

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