Kick my Beat wants to bring music fans closer to new or emmerging artists. It offers not only access to exclusive digital content, but also the ability for you to participate in an unique experience.


Get inspired, discover new music and enjoy the content created by artists.


The most liked track finish at the top. Your like impact directly the ranking.


Help your favorite artists to reach a wider audience and to level up their career.

Nothing should get in between fans and artists.

Kick my Beat was created with the main mission of bringing fans and artists closer and creating an model that values music and artists. Throught the competition, it offers to fans an unique way to engage with artists and to connect and build a new kind of relationship.
Most creators want to be recognized for their art and the audience is, and should always be, the king.

We believe in the next generation of artists.

It’s time to break the boundaries between mediums and give back to artists their creativity.
We believe in the power of all music creators, in particular independent artists. This is why we give them the opportunity to show their worth. As part of the Kick my Beat community, you can contribute to emmerge the next generation of great artists.

Diversity in music matters

Music should be as diverse as the world of people who listen to it. Kick my beat intend to propose a platform that distribute music not always targeted to mainstream distribution.
Discover new music along the way with artists’ true intention to create authentic music for their fans.

Never stop listening

Take your music and stream it for free wherever you are.
Kick my Beat is available on Web, on any tablets and smartphones.
Don’t let anything stand between you and your music.

Top of the week

Listen to the top 50 most liked tracks that are getting lots of buzz on Kick my Beat.
This feature is your destination for the latest and greatest out there.

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