Kick my Beat is a music platform that brings artists and fans together through competition. It is dedicated to artists from around the globe who have passionate fan bases and are ready to reach a wider audience with their music.

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To get the best from yourself you need to be ready to compete. #MusicIsCompetition

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Share your work with other artists and listeners. Grow your audience.

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With ranking and comments, never miss an opportunity to connect and get feedback.

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Whatever you're looking for, as an music artist, you can find it here. Who you know or where you live are no longer barriers to getting on with playing and making music. Kick my Beat helps you discover, connect and collaborate with musicians and music lovers through competition.
* Beatmakers :
Allow artists to kick on your beat. Mix from acapellas.
* Kickers & Singers :
Split your words and your flow.
* Mainstream musicians :
Promote your content
* Producers & Managers :
Find the talent of tomorrow
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Kick my Beat is a free plateform and always will be.


There is no upload quota or hour limit. You can upload as much as you want.


Connect, work and share your experience with other artists, all over the world.


Promote your content thanks to many social media links.


You choose if you allow people to download your track.


Let the audience follow you so they stay up-to-date on your latest news.


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