Published on 22 August 2020
Category : Electronic Music


  1. RashBoy

    if u can feel pain, if u go through shame,
    If u r set aflame, if u feel so lame
    then u only humane, for we are all the same,
    no one is to blame, it’s the work of a game, God’s big name, we can’t judge his name.
    So we go through life, not knowing much about.
    We have so much drive, yet so many doubts..
    But we need to survive, so we fit in with the crowd, we do what’s allowed, just so we make them proud.
    Yeah I have many dreams, I can’t speak of loud. They only see me quiet cuz I’m running in my mind. if u look in my eyes, then u hear my sound. When u see urself, thats when I will be found. When U r to be found, then I won’t be around.